About me

About Artksikor


Hello everyone!

I welcome you on my website. I am going to introduce you with my creative world. Aiming to give everyone the moments of happiness, I put in my paintings a piece of my soul and my heart. Each painting is not just the image of the world through the eyes of an artist, it is a new interpretation of the world where I clearly aim to transform the everyday into something extraordinary, that would delay you from problems and moments of sadness.

My name is Kseniia Korniienko. I am a Ukrainian artist. I have been studying in Children’s Art School in Kyiv (2000-2008), International Institute of Fashion and Design on the Graphic Design major (2009-2010), and Andre Tan Fashion Academy (sewing) in 2015-2016. Of course, I have general education (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv on the major “International Law” (2010-2016)), but all my life is connected with ART.

My Style


Speaking about my style, I prefer impressionism manner of drawing. Once I did the copy of Monet artwork “Lady with umbrella and her Son”. It was overwhelming experience. Nevertheless, most of my couches says that my style can be described as post-impressionism. Everybody see in my works what they want.

It is vital to admit that all my artworks are cheerful. My goal is to bring people only positive emotions. That is why I even have the logo “Do not use any black colors in my works”. To be honest I do not even have black color in my palette. If I want to create dark color, I try to mix some other.

I do not wait for ‘‘Mystic Muse’’. I just sit in my chair and start working because I have the second logo “Muse comes during the work”. However, I have one very important prohibition – do not draw when you have bad mood. That is why my artworks are light and cheerful.

My artworks are ranged. I drew more than 70 different artworks. This amount includes not only landscapes, but also portraits, still life, architecture, pictures of different animals, flowers, trees, and sea views. Nowadays, I am painting portraits. I want to be master in portraits drawing.

Visit my workshops!


Have you ever imagined that you could draw on the open air just like the impressionists did? Yes, this is your chance!

I always provide interesting workshops for children and adults. These workshops include painting of different kind of themes. It is possible to paint beautiful Santa Monica Pier or palms just in one workshop!

It is easy to arrange the workshop – just call me 1323.536.6530 or write me artksikor@gmail.com and we will find something out what do you like to draw.


My biography


Drawing is always relaxing exercise. Since my childhood, I have been drawing everywhere: on the walls, in the books, in the streets. Moreover, my first victory was for drawing on the asphalt in 2000. I won a package with a six crayons and was truly the happiest child in the World.

Therefore I started go to the Art School in 2002. After graduating from the Art School in 2008, I started to read many books dedicated to Art. I was working on my self-development. Nowadays I am drawing in traditional style. Most of my artworks painted with oil, but I started painting with pastel. It is very convenient material for the beginners. At present, I appreciate oil on canvas because these paintings are long lasting. I discovered oil in 2008 and nowadays I have comprehensive number of tubes with oil. I like different artist’s staff, for example, diluent, brushes, varnishes, canvas, texture paste, etc.